Mirthful Fancies (10/26/03)

Daylight Savings Day has finally arrived. I’ve been mowing my lawn all summer and paying myself for my own services in devalued Super Yen, just waiting to save big on daylight. Hopefully, by the time you read this, I’ve visited Ra and cashed in three fat barrelfuls of Super Yen for as much daylight as one kid can carry home.

What a mirthful fancy!

Yes, the Fall doldrums are here, wherein I allow an acute but self-denied case of Seasonal Affective Disorder to push me to the brink of madness. Or, at least, the brink of stupidity (the thinnest and most easily trespassed brink I’ve ever met).

Chimcham1903 wrote, asking if I planned to start Blogging on my site soon. Well, Chimcham1903 (if that is your real name), I will resume Blogging once the damn Bgovernment rolls back all this red tape about their precious Bspotted Bowls. But only then will the Blogging commence. Until then, the Rarely Visited Self-Congratulatory Author Website Squad & The Precious Coalition for Northwestern Blogging will be at the legislature’s collective throat, demanding that Oregon welcome and embrace the Blogging that served it for so long.

Actually, I just don’t Blog because I don’t. Might someday. Maybe if I can get a hold of some extra daylight.

GOOD NEWS: "Working At Home," my fast, gruesome tale of parasitic worms and the doctors that love them, has been sold for publication in issue #18 of THE EDGE: Tales of Suspense. Look for the issue to hit the stands in January of 2004.

Also, I’ve got the latest update on my long-awaited collaboration with Alan M. Clark, Siren Promised. The book is complete and due for publication in Fall of 2004. Published by Bloodletting Press (www.bloodlettingbooks.com ), Siren Promised will be available in limited and lettered hardback editions. Both editions will feature new art from Alan M. Clark. The lettered edition will include a handcrafted steel traycase. Alan’s incredible cover art for the book is done, and I will post it to the site the moment it’s available. Stay tuned for more info as the book’s release date approaches.

As a final note, I’ve been learning about writing techniques from the esteemed Eric M. Witchey, and have taken to heart his advice about the alpha-wave conducive hypnogogic states that account for the best writing. As a result, this entire journal entry was written while napping.

Hit the snooze button one more time,


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