Semi-Humble Beginnings (1/13/03)

To those of you reading this fledgling entry, thank you for checking out the new site. I’ll be using these entries to provide voyeuristic peeks into the shrieking, wonderful beast that is my life. I’ll write about inappropriate, very personal things for entertainment’s sake and allow my relationships with people to suffer for the sake of attention.

It’s gonna be great.

For example, I could tell you about the time I took too many yohimbe pills and tried to make love to a bowling ball. But I’m not giving away the golden moments so early in the game.

One thing I promise you. I will not type word one after this moment about my other "money" job with a successful commercial and agricultural lending business. Grass seed and cattle breeding, figure crunching and phone answering. That’s my 9-5 alter-ego for the meantime, until my writing becomes more profitable.

I can’t wait to make that big time "writer money." At this point feel free to picture me typing away with a diamond-encrusted platinum tooth smile. Bling, as they say, followed by a subsequent bling. (I know the majority of writers can concur here, that after that first short story sale it’s all caviar and croquet and witticisms exchanged at the expense of the lower-class while sipping Belvedere in a cocaine-filled hot tub).

Actually, I’m at the stage in my "writer’s life" where I’m happy if my story sales recoup the year’s postage cost. A penultimate bling followed in rapid succession by a final bling.

So stay tuned. And give the site an occasional furtive glance when you’re not busy buying anything I have in print.

2003’s going to be a big year. Until the bomb hits. But let’s not think about that.

Let’s get distracted.

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Jam said...

I am blown away by your writing, and just read "Angel Dust Apocalypse" and have yet to read the rest of your work. You have a voice which reminds me somewhat of the one I hear in my own head. Lovely stuff. Keep at it!