Quicky: Big Reading Imminent & The Punk Horror Interrogation

PDX Lit-mania


The flier pretty much says it all (plus some). I haven't done a Portland reading since Broadway Books a few months back, and since this new venue allows (even encourages) drinking, there should be shenanigans a-plenty. This is highly unlikely to be similar in tone and content to anything, say, McEwan's ever done in Portland, so I encourage the enthusiastic, the curious, and those who simply wish to drink near books, to drop in and check it out. Should be a-typical lit madness.

Punk Horror Interview

I sat down with the braintrust of the upcoming Punk Horror charity antho and answered some very personal questions about Bizarro, my shady musical roots, "burrito-loving," and much more. Clicking below will inter-pop you to one of the strangest Q & A's I've ever done:


Much more soon.