A Plague of PromoLocusts aka Thrice the Mojo

Good mojo comes in threes, right? It must- here's my new triumvirate of crazy luck:

1. I usually wait until I'm "contract in hand" on this sort of announcement, but in this case, I couldn't wait. I just found out that Cemetery Dance will be publishing my short story "A Flood of Harriers" in Issue #56 (accompanying the interview Steve Vernon did with me). Having a story in CD's always been on my "To Do Before I Die" list, so I'm very buzzed about the news.

2. My new books (Extinction Journals & the paperback edition of Stoker Nominated novel Siren Promised) are in from the printers and finally available at Amazon.com, Powell's, Shocklines, and JRJ.com.

3. Angel Dust Apocalypse has been chosen as the most recent pick of The Official Cult Book Club at ChuckPalahniuk.net. I've offered to be a part of the discussion and it's been going great. Any fans of Chucky P and ADA are totally welcome to drop by and join in.

As a sign of karmic balance it is notable that my car pretty much exploded today (what does it mean when all the dash lights come on at once and the thing just stops?). Mojo can be fickle.


JRJ, Brand New Bike Commuter

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your alternator. Schwab's will check it for free, assuming you can drive the car...