Official Cave Mode Announcement! (6/8/17)

Did this once before while working on SKULLCRACK and it's become apparent I should do it now to honor my obligations on this next novel. So, Cave Mode:

BLURBS―Somehow ended up with 15 manuscripts for potential blurbing in 2017. My normal policy is 2 per year (the thinking being if you only do a handful, folks don't write you off as a blurb mill [and also I want some time to read that old Questlove book!]). So, going back to that policy in 2018, and closed to new manuscripts until Q2 of next year.

EDITING―I don't do that in general, but David Osborne damn sure does, and I can vouch for his work.

CONS―Not going, even if it's in town. Might hit Bizarrocon, as my novel should be done by then (and it's their 10 year anniversary and that's the only time I ever see Cameron Pierce).

READINGS―As I am expected at my own Powell's reading on June 22nd, I'll do my best to show for that one. Other than that I'll be in my cave (and besides, my kid has an amazing knack for giving me some terrible illness right as my favorite authors come through town--it's a weird curse at this point).

SOCIAL MEDIA―Diminished presence for a while, except for one exciting secret thing.

ACTUAL SOCIAL LIFE―That's cute. Will be going on some playdates for the kid, though, so if anybody wants to hang with me at OMSI, holler.



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